1. Making Suggestions
· You could (might) join the speech contest.
· If I were you, I would take care this dog.
· Why don’t you go to the doctor?
· Why don’t you come to my house and borrow my umbrella?
· What/How about going to the veterinarian?
· You could (might) …
· I suggest/recommend that you …
· You really should/ought to …
· I strongly advise/urge you to …
· You’d better …
Accepting Suggestions
· That’s a good/nice/wonderful, idea/suggestion.
· Thank you/Thanks.
· I’ll do/try that.
· Why didn’t I think of that?
· I think you’re right.
Rejecting suggestions
· I tried that, but …
· Thanks, but that won’t work/help because …
· I don’t want to/can’t do that because …
· That’s a good idea, but …
2. Requesting Something
· Would you mind passing me the salt, please?
· Could you please take me to the dentist?
· Can you tell me what happened?
· Will/Would you come to my birthday party?
· Please tell me the story.
Accepting Requests
· Sure, I’d be glad/happy to …
· Of course/Certainly.
· No problem.
· Sure. Just a moment.
Refusing Requests
· I’d loved to, but …
· It sounds great, but …
· I’m/sorry, but …
· Sorry to say that …


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