1. Admitting Mistakes
Admitting mistake is the way to admit and ask for a sorry of your mistake.

Note :
Mistake is a misunderstanding or misconception or an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgement caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc.
When you have a mistake to someone you need to plead your mistake, so the problem will be clear.

Benefits of admitting mistakes :
it demonstrates your courage
It demonstrates your humanity
It engenders more trusting relationship
It creates greater organizational value

Admitting mistakes expressions :
I’m sorry, it’s my fault.
You’re right. I’m fully responsible for this matter.
I admit what I’ve done is wrong.
I realize I’ve made mistakes.
Yes, I take the blame.
It’s my istakes. Forgive me.
It shouldn’t be like this. Forgive me.
I never intended it that way
Responds an admit of mistake:
Don’t mention it.
That would be okay
Just take it easy
Let it go
Forget it
That’s fine
I give you sorry
It doesn’t matter for me
2. Making Promises
Making promise is the expression how express your promise to someone.

Before make a promise :
Think about the promise before you make it
Be honest about your capabilities
Talk about the promise with another person
Watch the things that you promised
Keep your mouth
Making promises expressions :
I swear
I promise
Trust me, I can
I will pick you up
I assure you that I will return it on time
I won’t go, I swear to stay here
I swear I will not let you down
Don’t worry, I’ll see you before i leave
Respond a promise :
Thank you
I believe you
Let me be assured
Just let the time to answer
I wish you can keep on your promise
I’ll wait for you
Really ?
I give you one more time
I wish you are not kidding me in this time
The three core business activities :
Make the promise
Keep the promise
Track the promise


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